• Spreads werden als Werte wiedergegeben
  • Flat Fee für Aktien-CFDs – Standard 5,95 EURO und Gold 2,95 EURO
  • Gestückelte Pips: wir bieten unseren Kunden gestückelte Pips, die 10 Mal genauer sind, um den Vorteil kleinerer Kursbewegungen wahrzunehmen.
  • Unsere Kunden handeln zu institutionellen Handelsbedingungen mit variablen Spreads. Beim Standard-Konto wird dieser institutionelle Spread marginal ausgeweitet. Die Ausweitung weisen wir als „Kursdifferenz“ aus.

Please note that the indicative spreads as shown in the trading platforms are only relevant for top of the book. For ticket size greater than $1m, execution spreads can get significantly widened by two or three times.

Expiry contracts will not automatically be rolled to the new contracts.

Once a contract expires it will be manually closed as per the expiry rate provided by our Liquidity Provider.

Please note that the expiry rate in the Liquidity Provider can differ from the expiry rate as shown in the trading platform.

Accounts created under Fixed Spreads Groups can face rejections when trying to open/close trades in periods when the spread in the market is higher than the fixed spreads they have.

Call Trading :

If for any reason a trader wishes to perform a trade and is unable to do so we offer our clients the option of call trading.

Call trading is available only during normal working hours (09:00 – 17:00 GMT+2) and certain security questions would be asked in order to verify the identity of the client.

These questions include:

  • Account ID
  • Full name
  • Password

Our trading desk number is +357.25.254422 (extension 512,514,505)

Der Handel mit Devisen und CFDs birgt Verlustgefahren